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Has your foreign driving license expired or have you been informed that you have to switch it to a Spanish?
According to European driving license regulations, the resident in Spain must replace his EU driving license
for a Spanish when the old has expired or if you are resident 2 years or more and if your driving license has an expiration date of 15 years or more.
For you with a driving license that expires within 15 years, only the first scenario applies, however, it is not always the Spanish authorities or the police aware of this and you can be fined anyway.
If you have got a fine, you should go to the Spanish equivalent to the Transport Agency (Tráfico) and appeal.
Here in Gran Canaria is the authority of Las Palmas. If you do not know Spanish too, this can be very complicated and expensive if you need to hire an interpreter.
We therefore recommend that if you know that you will permanently settle here, it is easier to change your driving license.
If you have already applied for a new driving license and want to know the status of the driving license at Tráfico, click on this link:
Whatever your reason is for change, we can help you with this process through our partner Nayra Guerra Mirabal at the Allianz office in Arguineguin.
Email us or directly to Nayra Guerra Mirabal (Spanish or English) for cost suggestions